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Welcome Pilgrim

Welcome Pilgrim


If you’re among those drawing breath and still alive with a pulse, you’re on a journey that you never even knew you were a part of...until you find yourself smack dab in it, that is.

For those that know of Meyers Briggs 16-personalities, I’m an ENFP so, that means I love nothing more than sitting with people and getting to know them. I imagine we would sit across from each other over coffee, laugh and discover our individual stories as uniquely as our unfolding strands of DNA. If you’re an introvert who prefers to letting someone else do all the talking and not feel the pressure of having to carry a conversation- I’m your girl (you’re welcome!). Lol. All that to say, while I don’t know what brought you here...I do know the One Who did.

If the reason you’ve landed here is a staggering failure that has brought you to your knees, a circumstance you had no control over, a triumphant miracle, or even just curiosity....Welcome. Whatever your reason for landing on this page...it is not an accident.

I’m writing to you as a fellow sojourner as we journey toward Home. I have only a few miles under my belt, but traveling just long enough to offer a sort of “essentials” list for your journey. It is important to note that this list is not an exhaustive list, nor is it necessarily in an order of importance- but it IS a list for anyone and everyone; skeptic, pre-believer, new Christian, or long-time follower. God bless!

1. Bible.

The Dalai Lama was credited for saying, “Learn and obey the rules very well, so you will know how to break them properly.” I have to admit, I have no idea the context of what he meant by that, but neither should you quote or accept anything you yourself have no context for either. 🙂

Read Scripture. Study it. Look intently into it so you will be equipped to spot the truth from a look-alike counterfeit (context is everything). And even more importantly, LET IT READ YOU. You are not a spectator in the pages of Scripture. As a participant of humanity you are also a part of those pages. You will learn that there are no new problems in this world- just old problems happening to new people in a new time period.

The biggest gain, however, is a greater insight into the character of the Lord our God. You can’t hope to know the heart of your Commander unless you study well His commandments. For example- according to the religious elite of His day, Jesus and his disciples broke the commandment to honor the Sabbath when they picked grain and healed a man with a deformed hand on the same day (Gasp! The horror!). Perhaps Jesus technically broke a commandment but He kept the law because He understood the Heart of His Father. He understood the commandments were not above knowing the heart of the Commander Himself. (Matthew 12:1-14)

2. Prayer.

This is our best communication with God. Do it everyday. In every way possible. There’s no “formula” to this one. Just open your mouth and speak your prayers of request. Pray the for the things you can never give yourself like HOPE, PEACE, an increase of FAITH. And Pray purely for the sake of knowing Him- with words, in worship, or in total silence.

And you know what else is crazy cool? Jesus Christ left us a “Helper”, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit. This is the good deposit Ephesians 1:14), His seal of ownership and first installment that guarantees us everything he promised (2 Corinthians 1:22). So on that very moment we first believed, Jesus not only transferred us OUT of a dying world INTO a Kingdom, He also put a little bit of Kingdom in us as we journey toward Home. You could call it our “superpower”. 🙂 Scripture tells us that this same Holy Spirit also prays on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray (kind of like an automatic feedback system -Romans 8:26). God thought of everything, didn’t He!?

3. Question.

I have a writer friend who has unparalleled enthusiasm about grammar. I can practically see her still waving her fists in excitement about her favorite punctuation- the question mark. Her mother had been an english teacher, so I excused her enthusiasm as a part of her endearing quirkiness as she explained that the question mark was special because “its the only one that invites a response”. Then marriage counseling taught me that questions themselves are the doors to draw closer to your partner- especially when you don’t agree. And right there is the genius of what my friend knew all along; . That holds true in EVERY relationship, including our relationship with God.

I want to encourage you to not ever be tempted to think you have “arrived” and know something (read; everything). Christianity in the
west is especially riddled with pat answers. And sadly, many Christians confuse having questions as synonymous with being faithless. Listen closely; surrender does not mean we put our questions away. Questions are the means with which we can draw closer! It is also the means He draws us closer!

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