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Warrior in a Jail Cell

Warrior in a Jail Cell

For all you mommas out there (like me) who are living life on your knees, praying your hearts out for your young adult children… as they ‘find their way.’

There was a time when my oldest son, Braden (18 years old = adulthood, right?) spent a week in jail… not in juvenile detention (been there, done that), but in big boy jail. It was one of those times in my life when I prayed with utter desperation just to take my next breath with less pain than the last.

I remember clearly praying these words (and not for the first time), “Lord, if there is ANYONE in that place who loves You, or even knows the power of the Name of Jesus, PLEASE let him find my son… PLEASE.”

Thankfully, Braden only spent a week in jail. Due to the deepest generosity of a dear friend (a story for another day), we were able to place the bond to bring him home to await his court date.

Since that time we have made many trips to the courthouse, meetings with his attorney, sentencing, probation appointments, you name it. My husband, Brian, and I were out of town on one of the scheduled court dates, so we enlisted the help of loving grandparents to be transportation for Braden that day. When the appointments were over and everyone was settled back at home, we received a call from Grandma. She told us a simple (almost a side note) story.

While walking through the halls of the courthouse that day, they rounded a corner. A very large fill-the-whole-hallway-shoulders man saw Braden and called him by name, as his grin morphed into a big wide smile. The look of recognition in Braden’s eyes was instant. They embraced (as men do), chatted briefly, and walked on.

Something about that moment seemed significant, so Grandma asked Braden about it in the car. Braden responded that this was his cellmate from jail, and that he kept Braden safe.

Relief began spreading through my heart when I heard this news. And thankfulness welled up within me. I couldn’t wait to ask Braden about this man. He told me that this cellmate had become a Christian right before Braden was taken to jail, that he read his Bible constantly in their cell, and was vigilant about keeping guard over Braden the entire time he was in jail.

I couldn’t find an alone-place fast enough… where I could drop to my knees… worshipping a God who loves us that much, Who is so intimately aware of every desire in our hearts, of every twist and turn in our lives.

He honors the grief and sorrow in our ‘momma’s hearts’ as we lay ALL at His feet…

I told Braden about my prayer for him that day, for his safety, and for someone to come alongside him who knew the power of the Name of Jesus. It’s just like our Lord to use the newly-transformed heart of a very intimidating character… who just happened to need a roommate in the county jail.

That’s just like Him, isn’t it? And I love Him so.

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