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Vulnerable Flower

Vulnerable Flower

Some years ago, while exploring Camuey Caves in Puerto Rico, I came upon the most breath-taking, peculiar, and powerful sight I have ever seen. There, in the deep darkness of an empty cave, a single ray of light from high above the ceiling made its way to the barren world of the cave below. And in that one bright little spotlight, a one small single plant was bravely thriving against all odds! It seemed completely unaware of its UNUSUALNESS. I wondered:

Did he know he was out of place?

Did he know that he isn’t supposed growing here? Much less thriving?

Was he aware that conditions in a cave were not conducive to life for plants?

How dare he!

The juxtaposition of green life in a mars-like environment was ludicrous. But I couldn’t deny that what captured my attention was the beauty of its vulnerability.

And then a voice from deep within spoke- I cannot recall with exact words but the message He spoke is crystal clear clear:

That’s what worship looks like. In My Light, there is life abundant. Growing, thriving, and blooming is not dependent on your environment or circumstances - it is a result of staying in My Light.

With eyes still straining to take in the courageous and beautiful sight of what I was witnessing, tears spilled over and I whispered a short prayer, “Amen, Lord. Let it be so”.

So, when I think of worship, I’m reminded that I’m just turning to Light. I’m turning to Him. Worship is my heart turning to Him; yearning, reaching and receiving His life-giving warmth.

Original art by Tricia Earl, soft pastel on Canson paper

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