Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


Have you ever met someone who is seemingly confident in their faith with hard-line answers to every question? I almost envy them like I can sometimes envy the hardcore atheist who prefers to keep existential questions with purely scientific answers and quantifiable results.  It just feels safer somehow to KNOW.

Stepping into faith can seem like about as shaky and unreliable as dial-up internet.  So, I can totally sympathize with not even wanting to step into that.  And I can concede the POWER that having answers can deceptively offer.  


What if our ANSWERS mentality is actually just the easy way out? 

What if our carefully crafted ANSWERS are a sort of security blanket to keep us from the frightening realization of all that we DON'T know?

What if by avoiding these questions we actually close ourselves off from experiencing God?

It seems the REAL danger of having an Answers mentality is that ​if we are always looking to the answers we think we have, then we are staring into a mirror of our own crafted God​. Your (our) answers will make a very poor god. It will not withstand scrutiny. It will not withstand tragedy, loss, injustice. Our perfectly crafted answers (maybe even tightly-held theologies) become a look-alike counterfeit god. Its a look-alike because, for a time, it seems to offer a promise of security. Peace. Power. But your tightly-held answers will turn to ash when the fire of life puts it to the test. It will not give back the comfort or peace you and I had hoped for. And when your faith crumbles you will unfairly blame God for not being big enough, for being powerless, cruel, or believing Him to be fairytale.

Dear pilgrim, I pray that you and I would instead become ​question seekers​.

To become a Question Seeker is to look for questions from God.

Allow yourself to be questioned by the One Who knows all things. Do not turn away and do not redirect from questions He asks. Scripture shows us that to ignore them, will be to our own peril. And I pray that we would desire to know His heart by presenting Him our questions in our quest to KNOW Him...it is His DELIGHT to reveal His wisdom and mysterious to those who would ask!

How does Scripture and prayer fit into this?

Scripture is FILLED with thousands of questions. It is especially notable to look at the questions man asks of God and even more notable are the questions God asks of man. Even Jesus Himself, the Great Teacher was more accurately the Great Questioner. Throughout the cannon of Scripture, questions are posed to us today as a sort of GPS locator (you-are-here) and guide toward Him. Here’s a few to get you started;

“Why are you terrified?” (Matt 8:26)

"What are you seeking?” (John 1:37-38)

“What do you want?” (Matthew 20:21)

“What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:36,51)

“Who do you say I am?” (Matt 16:15, Mark 8:29)

“Do you love me?” (John 21:16)

Be an honest wrestler with these questions dear one. I give you full permission to wrestle with these... answer Him honestly. Answer out loud (prayer) or on paper (surprisingly, also prayer) but DO wrestle.

Answer questions honestly and He will show you exactly where you are in relation to Him and more importantly, you will get to experience Him.

Secondly, offer some of your own questions to Him.  And be expectant that He will answer. Thought you may not walk away with the satisfactory answer you thought you needed, you will be walking toward intimacy with the Creator. He honors honest questions as an act of faith, and will be counted as an act of righteousness to you.

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