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How To Choose Life and Truth in Your Thoughts Today

How To Choose Life and Truth in Your Thoughts Today

Who is behind that voice in our head anyway?  Research shows the majority of our self-talk is negative.  So…  how can we determine what, or who, is influencing this constant barrage of “I’m not a good enough ______” and “I’m not doing a good job at ______________?”


The way I see it, there are 3 possible influencers:  God, the devil, or us (self).  Here are some truths we know as fact, and can begin to build a framework for positive self-talk:

God is FOR us, not against us.

God has plans and purposes for our lives for our GOOD.

Satan is a liar.

Satan’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy.

I am in control of me, and I can choose to control my thoughts.

Right there is a great starting point, if you ask me.


With these truths in mind, let me give you an example of how this works:

Self-talk:  “I wish I would’ve done a better job teaching my kids to be respectful.  I let them walk all over me.  No wonder they got in trouble in school and can’t hold a job now.  I was a terrible mother.  Their lives are a wreck and it’s partly my fault.”

Questions about God:  Does God’s plan for redemption and grace leave room for overwhelming, debilitating regret?  He offers grace, redemption, and personal accountability.  Maybe this self-talk shows us a wound that we need to ask Him to heal and help us process.

Questions about Satan:  Does this self-talk contain any lies?  Are the lives of my adult children ultimately a result only of my mistakes?  Or is that a lie?  Is it my fault if they made poor choices in school and employment?  For how long does Satan want me to be responsible for the decisions of others?  Do these thoughts steal my joy, kill my pursuit of the abundant life He promises?

Question about me:  Do I have to be influenced by these lies?  Do I have to wallow in regret about things in the past?  Or can I make a different choice?  Am I able to expose the lie, choose the Truth of God’s Word and declare grace over my life?  Can I declare His promises over the lives of my children from this point forward, and accept His promise to bring back a double portion for all the enemy stole?

The answer is YES.


Friend, God’s voice is loving, encouraging, and inspiring.  Even when He’s speaking some difficult truths, and painful conviction…. It’s always with Love.  I have experienced His correction and conviction.  While the Truth was painful in my sinful place, His words washed over me with love, mercy and grace.  His words will never make you feel as if you are a mistake, or that there is no hope.  You are not a mistake!  And because of Jesus, there is always hope.

Don’t listen to the whispers of the enemy.  And don’t fill your mind with negative self-talk.  You have a choice today!  Choose Life and Hope!  Find those scripture nuggets you can immediately direct your mind to when negative thoughts and influence attack.


Lord God, thank You for Your unchanging Truths and unending offers of forgiveness and do-overs.  Help us by Your divine power to recognize and reject the lies of the enemy.  Anoint our minds to only accept the Truth of Your Word and Your Love.  Grant us supernatural ability to stand firm, resist the devil, and grasp the abundant life You promise.  Amen.

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